Social Security Administration' s Open Government Plan 4.0
Outline of Plan

Message from the Acting Commissioner

Mission Of SSA

Section I: Progress on Open Government Plan 3.0 and Development of Open Government Plan 4.0
Highlights of accomplishments, progress on initiatives, outreach to employees and external stakeholders, ideas received about and used in the plan

Section II: Open Government Goals and Objectives

  • Goal I: Improve Transparency
Objective 1: Support Open Data principles and provide high-value information that meets the public's needs
Digital Government Strategy and Open Data,, information dissemination, Open Data CAP Goal
Objective 2: Inform the public about significant planned actions supporting transparency (Public Notice)
Open Government portal, Outreach to stakeholders and the public at large
Objective 3: Provide information to the public on internal management areas
FOIA, Privacy, Proactive disclosures, Records Management, Legislative and Congressional Affairs, Congressional Requests

  • Goal II: Expand Participation

Objective 1: Provide the public with easy and visible access to participate with Social Security in policy and program administration, interactive webinars
Objective 2: POffer public opportunities for engagement in agency program issues using social media
Crowdsourcing, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media Response Team, Social Security Matters Blog

  • Goal III: Increase Collaboration

Objective 1: Improve collaboration with government and non-government entities
Data exchanges, use of video services, initiatives with Indian tribes. Collaboration with IRS, VA, DoD, etc.
Objective 2: Collaborate with others to provide new and easier methods for public and employee engagement
Infrastructure to support collaboration, Skills Connect

  • Goal IV: Internalize Open Government Principles

Objective 1: Infuse Open Government principles throughout the agency
Open Government Honor Award, transparency of internal initiatives, data driven decisions
Objective 2: Incorporate open government principles into the way we organize and do our work
Office of Open Government, Open Government Steering Committee, Analytics Center of Excellence, User centered design. Data warehousing technologies
Objective 3: Align open government activities with our mission and strategic goals
Alignment with Agency Strategic Plan, Information Resources Management Plan, Vision 2025
Objective 4: Provide public access to our open government performance measures and results
American Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Agency Performance Plan, Annual Performance Report



Appendix A— Open Government Flagship and Major Initiatives
Several initiatives are under consideration.

Appendix B— Federal Open Government Initiatives
Information Technology Dashboard
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Contract Data
Federal Financial Assistance
Open Procurement and Vendor Outreach
Declassification Program
Whistleblower Protection
Participation and Crowdsourcing in Support of Policy Evaluation