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"Patty and Cathy See the Doctor" (60 seconds)

Text Script

[Patty Duke theme song]

>> What do we have here?
>> Oh, we're identical cousins.
>> But that's genetically not possible!
>> Oh, yes, it is. Dr. Welby told us it's quite rare but it does happen.
>> Well, Dr. Welby is a great doctor but --
>> you take Medicare, don't you?
>> Oh, sure.
>> And you probably have a lot of patients who are ready to go on Medicare, yes?
>> Yes.
>> You know, you could tell them that if they're 65 they can go to and apply for Medicare online. It's takes less time than sitting in a doctor's office.
>> Sorry, it's less than ten minutes. Sometimes five or six. It's quite easy.
>> You're really identical and Dr. Welby really said --

[Patty Duke theme song]

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Last reviewed or modified Friday Mar 15, 2013
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