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An Important Announcement from the King of Rock and Roll

Text Script

Elvis: Thank you, Thank you very much. I’ve been ask by the good people at Social Security to announce the top baby names for this year. For the boys…well, there’s no surprise here. Come on down Jacob. For the 10th year in a row, you are the top dog.

Jacob: Thank you King. It’s good to be number 1 for so many years.

Elvis: Before announcing the new, most popular girl's name, let's hear one last time from Emily -- who's retiring after a 12 year reign as the most popular.

Emily: I am grateful for the opportunity I have had. It has been an honor to work so hard on my platform: promoting the extra help available with Medicare prescription drug costs. I wish all the best to my successor.

Elvis: Moving. Very moving. I'm all shook up. (DRUM ROLL) And now it's time for the big announcement. The most popular girl's name is: EMMA.

(APPLAUSE) (Surprise on the face of Emma).

Emma: Thank you everyone. I am proud to carry on the tradition Emily started. So everyone remember. Go to to get information about Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug coverage. You or someone you love can save up to $3900 a year. In times like these, every dollar counts.
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Last reviewed or modified Friday Mar 15, 2013
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