Visit these other sites for useful retirement planning information:

  1. Calculate how much you need to retire

    • The Employee Benefit Research Institute,
      Ballpark Estimator
      (Use this calculator to get a basic idea of how much you need to save before you retire.)

    • Department of Labor,
      Taking The Mystery Out Of Retirement Planning
      (This information is valuable to everyone. However, the booklet, which includes worksheets, is specifically designed to help those who are about a decade from retirement.)

  2. Department of Labor (DOL)

  3. "Planning for Retirement / Retiring"
    (This page provides links to a variety of retirement planning tools, including a Medicare Eligibility Tool.)

  4. Senior Citizens' Resources
    (This site provides a variety of financial planning tools, including a Federal Employees Retirement Calculator.)

  5. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)
    If you have or had a job with a defined benefit pension, the PBGC may be protecting your pension.

    If your pension plan was terminated, you may be able to use the PBGC's Find an Unclaimed Pension tool to find out if you have unclaimed benefits.