Research & Analysis by Susan C. Barnes

Social Security Research at the University of Michigan Retirement and Disability Research Center
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 1 (released February 2020)
by John Laitner, Eric French, Alan L. Gustman, Michael D. Hurd, Olivia S. Mitchell, Kathleen J. Mullen, and Susan C. Barnes

In 1998, the Social Security Administration established the Retirement Research Consortium to encourage research on topics related to Social Security and the well-being of older Americans, and to foster communication between the academic and policy communities. The Michigan Retirement Research Center (MRRC) participated in the Consortium from its inception until 2019, when the MRRC expanded and became the Michigan Retirement and Disability Research Center. This article surveys a selection of the MRRC's output over its second 10 years (2008–2017), summarizes its innovative use of new data sources, and highlights several key themes in the center's research contributions.