Research & Analysis by Theresa M. Wilson

Participation in Voluntary Individual Savings Accounts: An Analysis of IRAs, 401(k)s, and the TSP
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 63, No. 1 (released July 2000)
by Glenn R. Springstead and Theresa M. Wilson

This article compares participation rates in three existing voluntary individual account-type plans—individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 401(k)s, and the federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)—in an effort to analyze who might participate in a voluntary individual account system.

The Galveston Plan and Social Security: A Comparative Analysis of Two Systems
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 62, No. 1 (released June 1999)
by Theresa M. Wilson

This report presents a comparison of benefits under the Galveston Plan versus Social Security, based on different earner and family scenarios. These scenarios include single and married workers at the low, middle, high, and very high earnings levels.