Research & Analysis by Barbara Wolfe

Attrition in the New Beneficiary Survey and Followup, and Its Correlates
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 63, No. 1 (released July 2000)
by Kate Antonovics, Robert Haveman, Karen C. Holden, and Barbara Wolfe

In this article we explore the extent of and reasons for attrition in the New Beneficiary Survey (NBS) between the first interview in 1982 and the followup interview in 1991. We examine a variety of potential determinants of attrition, separating the probability of attrition due to death from a refusal to be interviewed. Because the NBS sample is drawn from and linked to Social Security administrative records, information on mortality as a cause of attrition is exact. Hence, we are able to examine differences in the patterns and predictors of attrition due to these two causes of attrition and differences between attrition among retired and disabled workers.