Extramural Research—Contractor Reports

The Effects of Changing Social Security Administration's Early Entitlement Age and the Normal Retirement Age
Contractor Report (released June 2002)
by Constantijn Panis, Michael Hurd, David Loughran, Julie Zissimopoulos, Steven Haider, and Patricia StClair
Near Term Model Development, Part II
Contractor Report (released August 1999)
by Constantijn Panis and Lee A. Lillard

This project by RAND develops a microsimulation model of marriage, divorce, disability, and mortality based on SIPP data. It forms the demographic component of the MINT microsimulation model of the Social Security Administration.

Survey Estimates of Wealth: A Comparative Analysis and Review of the Survey of Income and Program Participation
Contractor Report (released August 2003)
by John L. Czajka, Jonathan E. Jacobson, and Scott Cody