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Policy Option Projections

Below are our projections of the effects of various retirement policy proposals on Social Security beneficiaries. For each proposal, we also link to SSA's actuarial projections of the effects on the Social Security trust fund.

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  1. Cost of Living

  2. Coverage
  3. Family
  4. Individual
  5. Retirement

  6. Taxation
  7. Worker

Coverage Changes

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Proposal Start/end date(s) Proposed by Projected effects on…
Beneficiaries in… Trust funds
Cover all newly hired state and local workers 2015/NA SSAB 2030 | 2050 | 2070 OACT F1

NOTES: OACT = Office of the Chief Actuary, SSAB = Social Security Advisory Board.

Because the timing of OACT updates to Trust Fund projections may not coincide with the timing of our updates, the specifications used to make these projections (e.g., years and amounts) may differ.