Characteristics of Noninstitutionalized DI and SSI Program Participants, 2013 Update

by Michelle Stegman Bailey and Jeffrey Hemmeter
Research and Statistics Note No. 2015-02 (released September 2015)
Table equivalent for Chart 2. DI beneficiaries with family incomes at selected percentages of the poverty threshold, by years of education, 2013 (in percent)
Years of education Family income relative to poverty threshold
Less than 100% 300% or more
0–11 31.6 10.9
12 21.8 24.5
13–15 15.9 36.1
16 or more 11.7 42.7
SOURCE: Social Security administrative records matched to 2008 SIPP wave 15.
NOTES: A “family” is two or more persons residing together who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption.
Data are for the 4-month period ending with the month preceding the SIPP interview date. Interviews took place May–August 2013.