Work-Related Overpayments to Social Security Disability Insurance Beneficiaries: Prevalence and Descriptive Statistics

Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 79 No. 2, 2019

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How work affects benefit eligibility for DI beneficiaries

  1. Trial work period (TWP)
    • Benefits are not affected by beneficiary's work earnings
    • Ends if earnings exceed TWP threshold in any 9 months within rolling 60-month window
    • Overpayments do not occur
  2. Extended period of eligibility (EPE)
    • Benefits are suspended if beneficiary engages in SGA
    • Continues at least 36 months, ends in first month with SGA thereafter (3-month grace period is allowed)
    • Overpayments may occur
  3. Termination phase
    • Benefits are terminated if beneficiary engages in SGA
    • Termination can be reversed if beneficiary files new application or qualifies for expedited reinstatement after SGA ends
    • Overpayments may occur (even when beneficiary is not working)
  4. Initial reinstatement period (IRP)
    • Begins after benefit termination for a beneficiary who discontinues work and files a successful request for expedited reinstatement
    • Continues for 24 non-SGA months
    • Benefits are suspended if beneficiary reengages in SGA
    • Overpayments may occur
SOURCE: Authors' compilation of SSA program descriptions.