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Research and Analysis by Type

Extramural Research—Contractor Reports

The Social Security Administration extends its research capability by carrying out studies under contracts with other organizations.

Issue Papers

These in-depth papers present policy analysis and research on topics relating to the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs. The subjects they address have direct policy relevance to current and future legislation.

ORES Working Papers

These are preliminary research papers prepared by staff of the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics. The papers are circulated within SSA and to outside experts for review and comment, and are then revised as necessary before being formally published in the Social Security Bulletin, a professional journal, or elsewhere.

Policy Briefs

These briefs present two kinds of information:

  • Summaries of technically complex research with implications for policies governing the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs; and
  • Original analysis that presents concise data or facts that are relevant to existing or proposed OASDI or SSI policies.
Research and Statistics Notes

These are short notes designed to get information quickly into the hands of users. They summarize preliminary findings or provide addenda to material already published.

Retirement Research Consortium (RRC)

The RRC comprises three multidisciplinary research centers funded through cooperative agreements with the Social Security Administration. The three centers located at Boston College, the University of Michigan, and the National Bureau of Economic Research provide research and policy analysis to inform decisionmakers and the public about issues critical to the Social Security program.

Social Security Bulletin

SSA's quarterly research journal, the Social Security Bulletin, is known for its comprehensive coverage of issues relating to Social Security. Articles focus on the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs, the income of the aged, private pension coverage, the poverty status of various groups (such as women and children), reform of Social Security, and other timely subjects. The Perspectives section presents refereed contributions by outside scholars on similar issues.