What are Social Security Rulings (SSRs)?

SSRs are a series of precedential a standard to be used in subsequent similar cases decisions relating to the programs administrated by SSA and are published under the authority of the Commissioner of Social Security.

SSRs may be based on case decisions made at all administrative levels of adjudication, Federal court decisions, Commissioner's decisions, opinions of the Office of the General Counsel, and policy interpretations of the law and regulations.

How are SSRs announced?

SSRs are published in the "Notices" section of the Federal Register under the authority of the Commissioner of Social Security and are effective upon publication.

What is the effectiveness of ARs?

SSRs do not have the same force and effect as the law or regulations. However, they are binding on all components of the Social Security Administration, in accordance with 20 CFR 402.35(b), and are to be relied upon as precedents in adjudicating cases.