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Retirement Security Initiative

To help improve the retirement security of Americans, the Office of Retirement Policy produces, plans, and coordinates a body of research products that will help inform the public about retirement planning, including when to begin receiving Social Security benefits.

Our products focus on different retirement topics, based on the age and circumstances of the target audience. Below is some of the information the Social Security Administration has created to help workers plan for retirement.

Retirement Security Information for Workers

Social Security is also working with a broad range of government agencies to inform the public about retirement planning options and develop ways to encourage all Americans to save. To learn more, visit

Financial Literacy Research Consortium

We also previously coordinated SSA's Financial Literacy Research Consortium (FLRC), which consisted of three non-partisan, multidisciplinary research centers at Boston College, the RAND Corporation, and the University of Wisconsin. The FLRC developed innovative materials and programs to help Americans plan for a secure retirement.

The centers focused on developing web and print information products to:

  • improve understanding of Social Security's programs,
  • help low and moderate income populations successfully plan and save for retirement and other life events, and
  • help foster retirement and other saving strategies at all stages of the life cycle.

For a list of FLRC projects and other research, visit the centers' websites:

In November 2010, the FLRC held its first annual conference.