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See what's new for 2014

December 27, 2013

We make learning the "numbers" easy.  In 2014, you’ll need $1,200 of wages to earn one quarter of coverage.

Get the latest updates on Social Security benefits, income limits, and earning requirements for 2014.


Follow this recipe for a juicy retirement

December 24, 2013

Whether it’s a roast, ham, or tamales, every great family holiday dinner follows a perfect recipe.

For a juicy retirement, you’ll need to follow a recipe too.

Ingredients: one part Social Security earnings, a dash of private pensions, a dollop of savings, and a sprig of investments.


Medicare general enrollment period is January 1 - March 31

December 23, 2013

When I turned 65, I did not enroll in Medicare Part B. Can I still enroll?

Yes, during the Medicare general enrollment period, January 1 through March 31.

With some exceptions, a 10 percent premium penalty applies for each year you could have enrolled but didn’t do so.


It's the first day of winter

December 21, 2013

Old Man Winter arrives today! He may bring some bad weather, but even he knows that in the 21st century, you can take care of most Social Security business online.


Got a burning question? Visit socialsecurity.gov/ask

December 20, 2013

Got a burning question about Social Security? Find quick answers and more in our frequently asked questions site.


Break the tradition of visiting a Social Security office. Visit us online!

December 18, 2013

It’s time to break the tradition of trudging to an office when you need to do business with Social Security. Replace the old-fashioned way of doing business and embrace the easier, more convenient way — online!


Beware of phishing scams

December 17, 2013

Social Security will never send you an email or Facebook message asking you to share your personal information, such as your Social Security number, date of birth, or other private information. Beware of such phishing scams. Fraudsters are after your information so they can use it for their own benefit.


Social Security has a number of programs to help you return to work

December 16, 2013

Nearly 40% of Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries express interest in working and Social Security has a number of programs to help them return to work. Our work incentiveprograms feature:

  • continued cash benefits for a period of time while a beneficiary works;
  • continued Medicare or Medicaid coverage; and
  • education, training, and rehabilitation to start a new line of work.


Need a benefit verification letter? Get one online with "my Social Security"

December 15, 2013

It’s Sunday and you just realized that you need a benefit verification letter for your important meeting Monday morning.  Social Security has you covered!  Sign up online for a “my Social Security” account today for immediate access to your benefit verification letter.


What would happen to your family if you died unexpectedly?

December 13, 2013

Not many people like to think about it, but what would happen to your family if you died unexpectedly and they need financial help?

Learn about survivors benefits and how Social Security protects your loved ones.


Check our emergency page local office closures

December 10, 2013

For much of the United States, this time of year means freezing temperatures and snowstorms. Before you head to a local office, check our emergency page to see if bad weather has forced any closings.


63 million Americans will receive a 1.5% increase in their monthly benefits

December 6, 2013

Next month, the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2014 will kick in. Nearly 63 million Americans will receive a 1.5% increase in their monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits.  


We got an “A” in Plain Writing from the Center for Plain Language

December 5, 2013

We take great pride in our clear communication with the public, and it shows.

Social Security is 1 of 3 Federal agencies that received an “A” in Compliance with the Plain Writing Act and the only Federal agency to get an “A” for good examples of plain writing according to the Center for Plain Language

Read about our commitment to plain writing.  


Give our webinars a try

December 4, 2013

What’s a webinar you ask? It’s a seminar, over the web. Give it a try. They’re short, informative, and free from Social Security. You can learn and register for upcoming webinars or watch one that you missed.


If you enjoy Cyber Monday, you'll love “my Social Security”

December 2, 2013

If you enjoy Cyber Monday and you love to take care of everyday tasks over the Internet, then you should definitely create a my Social Security account.

You’ll be able to access your Social Security information. It’s free, it’s secure, it’s online… and it’s yours and yours alone!