We understand that not everyone uses the same social media channels for sharing information. In this page, we highlight some of the messages we have shared with our Facebook fans and Pinterest followers.


There is a 5-month waiting period for disability benefits

Why is there a five-month waiting period for Social Security disability benefits?

Social Security provides only long-term disability, so the law only allows us to pay benefits after you have been disabled continuously for a period of five full calendar months. Read the full answer on our online FAQ.


Did you recently adopt a baby overseas?

We adopted a baby girl overseas and brought her home with us to the United States. How do we get a Social Security number for her?

Congratulations! To request a number, follow the instructions on our online FAQ.


Disability evaluation for mental disorders

Not all disabilities are visible and not all impairments are physical.

You can learn more about the disability evaluation under Social Security for mental disorders by visiting us online.


Happy Arbor Day

Save a tree by saving paper. Read our online publications from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Totally portable and no printing required! #ArborDay


No need to get all dressed up

You don’t have to get all dressed up to apply for retirement. You can wear anything you want when you apply online. #WorldPenguinDay


Social Security is important to young people

More than 1 in 3 people who receive Social Security benefits are NOT retired workers. #SocialSecurity provides benefits to young workers and their families for many reasons.


Representative payees help manage benefits

Sometimes we determine a beneficiary needs help managing his or her monthly benefits.  In these instances, we assign a Representative payee to help with the management of benefits. 

Do you know someone who needs help managing his or her benefits?  Consider volunteering to be their representative payee.


Happy Earth Day

Today is the perfect day to highlight the ways we serve the Earth while serving you. Our online services allow you to conserve fuel and help save our planet.

With our online services, you can apply for benefits, appeal a decision, estimate your future benefits, replace a Medicare card and more!


Check your application status

Did you recently file an application for retirement or disability benefits online and wonder about the status of the application? 

You can check the status of your application online.


Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. One thing that should never cause you stress is doing business online with Social Security.

Our online services are fast, secure and convenient. #LessStressApril


Will working affect my widow's benefits?

I am widowed and I plan to work to earn extra income. Will this affect my widow’s benefits?

It depends. The amount of your earnings may affect your widow’s benefits. For information on how much you can earn without affecting your widow’s benefits, visit our FAQ.


Are you prepared for retirement?

How do you picture your retirement?

A secure, comfortable retirement is every worker's dream. Achieving that goal is much easier when you plan ahead. Our planners can help you better prepare for your retirement.


Retire online in minutes

You’ve got places to go and people to see! You don’t have time for a busy office. Retire online in minutes and get back to your adventures.


You need 40 credits to receive retirement benefits

How long do I need to work to become eligible for retirement benefits?

Everyone born in 1929 or later needs 40 Social Security credits to be eligible for retirement benefits. You can earn up to four credits per year, so you will need to work at least 10 years to become eligible for retirement benefits. Read the full answer on our FAQ.

See how many credits you’ve earned and estimates of your future benefits by creating your own my Social Security account.


225 conditions qualify for expedited processing

225 conditions qualify for expedited disability claim processing through our Compassionate Allowances program. We have an obligation to provide benefits quickly to applicants whose medical conditions are so serious that the individual obviously meets our strict disability standard.

Through our Compassionate Allowances program, we quickly identify diseases and other medical conditions that consistently qualify under the Listing of Impairments based on minimal objective medical information. To see the full list, visit our Compassionate Allowances page.


How long can I get disability benefits?

Is there a time limit on how long I can get Social Security disability benefits?

Your disability benefits will continue as long as you continue to meet the requirements (e.g., your medical condition has not improved). Read the full answer on our FAQ.


Estimate your future retirement benefits

Do you know how much you’ll receive in benefits when you retire?

This Financial Literacy Month, learn about your options with our Retirement Estimator. It gives you an estimate of your future Social Security retirement benefits based on your current earnings record.


Social Security services are free

It’s Throw Back Thursday! Check out this “vintage” poster we distributed back in the 90’s.  Are those cutouts wearing Z-Cavariccis?

This poster reminds people that Social Security services are free. #TBT


Retire online in minutes

You’ve got better things to do than wait in line. You’re always first in line when you go online!  Retire online in minutes and get back to doing what you love.


Celebrate World Health Day

Did you know that 56 million Americans live with a disability and 38 million of them live with a severe disability?

Social Security works year-round to help Americans with severe health issues live more confortable lives. Learn more about our disability program here.


"my Social Security" makes life easier for you

Because life is complicated enough, we made it easier for you!  Did you know that you can access and update your Social Security information online at any age?

Have you created a my Social Security account?


Financial education and careers in finance

Social Security and Invest in Girls, Inc. teamed up today in an industry trip to Social Security Headquarters in Woodlawn, MD to learn about financial education and careers in finance.  Social Security is important to young people.


World Autism Awareness Day

If your child has a developmental disorder, such as a severe form of autism, he or she may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. SSI is a needs based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources.


You may not need a replacement Social Security card

Don’t be fooled this April Fool’s Day. You may not need a replacement Social Security card. But if you do, it is FREE!

First of all, realize you may not need a replacement card. Knowing your Social Security number is what is most important. However, if you decide you do need one, you can find more information on how to request your replacement card with no fee here.