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What is Medicare?

Today is the 49th anniversary of Medicare! On July 30, 1965, President Johnson signed Medicare into law.

Medicare is our country’s health insurance program for people age 65 or older. Certain people younger than age 65 can qualify for Medicare, too, including those who have disabilities and those who have permanent kidney failure.

To learn more about Medicare or apply for benefits, visit our Medicare page! #Medicare



The Faces and Facts of Disability

Would you like us to share your story about how Social Security has made a difference in your life?

Use our online form to tell us about yourself. Everyone's story is different, and yours can be the face of our disability programs.  #SSDIfacts

Disability is unpredictable and can happen to anyone at any age. In fact, 1-in-4 of today’s 20-year-olds who are insured for disability benefits become disabled before reaching retirement age.

“I was 19 years old [body surfing]… as soon as I hit [the ocean floor], it was like switch, numb, no movement, doing the dead man's float in the Atlantic Ocean… I knew immediately that I had a serious injury to my neck.” -Tony (Spinal Cord Injury)



The Americans with Disabilities Act

"America welcomes into the mainstream of life all of our fellow citizens with disabilities. We embrace you for your abilities and for your disabilities, for our similarities and indeed for our differences, for your past courage and your future dreams.”

- President George H.W. Bush at the signing of The Americans with Disabilities Act July 26, 1990—24 years ago today



Plan for retirement - Online!

It’s Talk In An Elevator Day! Need an icebreaker to end that awkward silence? Talk about your retirement plans. 

Talk about traveling, downsizing, and how easy it’s gonna be to apply for benefits because you plan to apply online



National Hot Dog Day

It’s National Hot Dog Day, so let’s be frank about this. If you want to start planning for retirement, you'll need a my Social Security account.  Over 12 million people have created their own accounts to either view estimates of their future benefits or manage their current benefits and info online. 

So even if you don’t win any hot dog eating contest today, with a #my Social Security account, you’ll still feel like a champ.

So tell us, what’s your #Someday?



The Faces and Facts of Disability

We would like to share your written story (or video) about how Social Security benefits have made a difference in your life.

Visit us online and tell us about yourself, your disability, and the reasons Social Security has helped. Everyone's story is different, and yours will put another real face to the people behind our disability programs.


Because the Social Security Act defines disability in such a strict way, people who receive disability benefits are among the most severely impaired in the country.

"[Disability Benefits] helped out with… being able to be confined to my home and not… be around the germs and everything which can cause rejection [of my kidney transplant] because I take immunosuppressant drugs." -Erika (Rare Kidney Disease)



Do your business with us online from anywhere!

Forty-five years ago today, we accomplished something that was previously unimaginable; mankind walked on the moon.

Once upon a time, doing business with Social Security in cyberspace was also impossible. Yet, now, with our online services, you can do business with us from the comfort of your home.

#Apollo11 #MoonLanding



Visualize your retirement with our Detailed Calculator

Hit a hole-in-one with your retirement.  Visualize your retirement plan with expert precision with our Detailed Calculator.

It gives you the most accurate prediction possible without the need to travel to a Social Security office. Now that’s something to clap about.



Bladder Cancer Awareness Day

Social Security offers expedited case processing for over 225 qualified conditions under our Compassionate Allowances program – bladder cancer is one of them.




Changing your last name is easy!

Nearly 40% of all weddings in the U.S. happen during the summer (June, July and August).

If you get married and plan to change your name, say “I do” to notifying Social Security. Download our “Application for a Social Security Card” online.



Social Security benefits young workers

Social Security provides benefits to the families of young workers in the event of the young worker’s death.  In 2013, about 96% of persons aged 20-49 who worked in covered employment acquired survivorship protection for their spouse and children.

Learn more about benefits for young workers and how to qualify for coverage online.


Prepare for retirement with this checklist

Retirement is an important life event. Reaching this important milestone deserves a celebration! 

If you’re planning to join the millions of people who have retired online, why not treat it like the event that it is?  Invite friends and family over while you do it from the comfort of home.

Use our handy checklist to gather the info you’ll need ahead of time and you won’t keep guests waiting.


SSDI is the primary source of income of many beneficiaries

Tell us how Social Security disability benefits have helped you or someone you know.

Read and hear personal stories from real people and get the facts about Social Security disability benefits.

For many beneficiaries, disability payments represent most of their income. But, even these modest payments make a huge difference in the lives of people who can no longer work.

"Financially, it has helped with my children,, putting clothes on their back, [and buying] school supplies… we wouldn’t be able to give them what they have right now without it." -Carrie (Multiple Sclerosis)


Estimate your retirement benefits online

Retirement is NOT like a box of chocolates. With our online Retirement Estimator, you’ll always know what you’re gonna get.  

The Retirement Estimator provides immediate and accurate retirement benefit estimates to help you plan for your retirement. It also will let you create “what if” scenarios like changing your “stop work” dates or expected future earnings to compare different retirement options.



Young people: Connect with Social Security early

More than 1-in-4 of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before reaching full retirement age and need disability benefits.

That’s why it’s so important to connect with Social Security at a young age with a my Social Security account. Even if you don’t get benefits right now, you can review and monitor your earnings history and see how much Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid and get estimates of future benefits you’re earning.

Connect with us and get prepared by opening your “my Social Security” account today.


Get your benefits faster with Direct Deposit

Go faster with Direct Deposit! With Direct Deposit, you don’t have to stand in line to cash your check. You don't have to leave your house in bad weather. Your money is in your account immediately.



Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is a time to reflect on independence. Millions of Americans are leading lives that are more independent thanks to the help Social Security provides.

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, at the signing of the Social Security Act in 1935, “It is, in short, a law that will take care of human needs and at the same time provide for the United States an economic structure of vastly greater soundness.”


Children can receive benefits as survivors

Throw Back Thursday! 

This ‘70s poster powerfully makes the point that Social Security is more than just a retirement program. This “little man” received Social Security benefits as a survivor.

Learn how Social Security protects your family with survivors benefits.



Retire online in minutes

Question: "Can I apply for retirement benefits when I’m on vacation at the beach this summer?"

Answer: "For SHORE!” Terrible puns aside, no matter where you are, it’s easy to apply for retirement benefits with our online application.

Some online applications, like filing for retirement, take as little as 15 minutes.  That’s faster than you can get a sunburn! 


Manage your benefits online!

Gooooaaaal! Don’t miss a single minute of the #WorldCup.

Instead of waiting in line at a Social Security office, manage your benefits online with a “my Social Security” account. Stay home and cheer for your team thanks to our convenient online services.