Chapter I-3-1. Workup of Case by Analyst

Table of Contents

I-3-1-1Initial Analyst Actions on Requests for Review
I-3-1-2Request for Review — Preliminary Review by Analyst
I-3-1-3Request for Review — Substantive Review by Analyst
I-3-1-5Review of Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Dismissals
I-3-1-6Review of ALJ Recommended Decisions
I-3-1-7Processing Subsequent Applications When a Prior Claim is Pending Judicial Review
I-3-1-10Disqualification and Referrals of Medical Experts, Vocational Experts, or Consultative Examiners
I-3-1-11Referral to the Medical Support Staff (MSS)
I-3-1-12Request for Earnings Information
I-3-1-13Analyst Referrals of Possible Policy or Procedure Issues
I-3-1-14Referral to Retirement and Survivors Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Branch
I-3-1-15Discussion with Administrative Appeals Judge or Appeals Officer
I-3-1-16The Internet and Case Adjudication
I-3-1-20Recommendation to Appeals Council
I-3-1-21New Application Filed While Request for Appeals Council Review Is Pending
I-3-1-25Allegations of Unfairness, Prejudice, Partiality, Bias, Misconduct, or Discrimination by Administrative Law Judges (ALJs)
I-3-1-30Workup of Case by Analyst — Unappealed Review
I-3-1-40Workup of Case by Analyst — Bureau Protest Cases Consideration of Own Motion Review
I-3-1-50Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment Referrals of Favorable ALJ Decisions
I-3-1-51Critical Case Procedures
I-3-1-52Recording Audit Requirements
I-3-1-53Organization of Claim File
I-3-1-54Organization of Appeals File
I-3-1-55Signature Rules
I-3-1-56Civil Action Filed Prematurely
I-3-1-57Threats of Violence by Claimants and Others
I-3-1-60Spanish Language Communications
I-3-1-70Special Notices for the Blind or Visually Impaired
I-3-1-75Continuing Disability Reviews and Social Security Ruling 13-3p
I-3-1-92Processing Cases in Which Claimant Asks to Withdraw When Claim Is Before the AC or the ALJ Issued a Dismissal or a Recommended Dismissal
I-3-1-99Exhibit - Recording Audit Requirements
I-3-1-100Exhibit — Memorandum Dated June 20, 1997 Concerning Recording Audit Requirements
I-3-1-101Exhibit — Recording Audit Requirements Court Remand Cases