Actuarial publications include Trustees Reports, SSI Annual Reports, Actuarial Studies and Notes, ...
Program Changes—
Proposals affecting the Trust Funds, including those addressing Trust Fund solvency
  • Memoranda providing estimates for proposals and groups of provisions
  • Individual changes considered for modifying Social Security
Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), national average wage index, taxable maximum, benefit formulas, ...
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Social Security data on—
  • Number of beneficiaries paid, average benefits paid, ...
  • Trust fund assets, income, outgo, interest rates, ...
Historical Estimates and Projections
Downloadable files—
  • Probabilities of death
  • Period life tables
  • Population of the Social Security area
General information about the actuary's role at SSA, including a site map for the Office of the Chief Actuary
Testimony by the Office of the Chief Actuary Staff
Presentations by the Office of the Chief Actuary Staff