Automatic Determinations

Substantial gainful activity amounts

Wage-indexed amounts

SGA for the Blind—applies to Social Security benefits, but does not apply to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits

The formula for determining the SGA amount for the blind is set by law and is applicable only if a cost-of-living increase becomes effective for December of the year in which a determination of the SGA amount would ordinarily be made.

Because there is no cost-of-living increase for December 2015, the formula is not applicable. Thus the SGA for 2016 is the same as the 2015 amount, $1,820.

SGA for the Non-Blind Disabled—applies to Social Security and SSI benefits

The method used to adjust the SGA for non-blind individuals is similar to that used for blind individuals and was published in the Federal Register (FR 65 82905) on December 29, 2000. The monthly SGA amount for non-blind disabled individuals for 2016 is such SGA amount for 2000 multiplied by the ratio of the national average wage index for 2014 to that for 1998, or, if larger such SGA amount for 2015 ($1,090). If the amount so calculated is not a multiple of $10, we round it to the nearest multiple of $10.

Calculation details
Amounts in
2000 monthly SGA amount$700
1998 average wage index28,861.44
2014 average wage index46,481.52
Computation$700 times (46,481.52 divided by 28,861.44) equals $1,127.35, which rounds to $1,130
Higher amount$1,130 exceeds the corresponding amount for 2015, so the amount for 2016 is $1,130