Number Date Title Author(s)
142 January 1999 Social Security Trust Fund Investment Policies and Practices   (PDF) J. L. Kunkel
141 January 1999 The Widow(er)'s Indexing Computation (WINDEX)   (PDF) C. Chaplain
140 January 1999 A Matched-Records Study of AIDS Deaths in 1993: SSA Administrative Records and Death Certificates   (PDF) B. M. Kestenbaum and C. Chaplain
139 June 1998 Name Distributions in the Social Security Area, August 1997   (PDF) M. W. Shackleford
138 October 1997 Effective Annual Interest Rates Earned by the OASI and DI Trust Funds, 1940-96   (PDF) J. L. Kunkel
137 November 1996 OASDI Short-Range Sensitivity Analysis   (PDF) N. J. Barrick
136 October 1996 Representative Payees for Adult Beneficiaries, October 1994   (PDF) B. M. Kestenbaum and M. W. Shackleford
135 July 1996 Frequency Distribution of Wage Earners by Wage Level   (PDF) J. L. Kunkel
134 June 1996 Suitability of Beneficiary Records for Determining the Program Experience of Couples   (PDF) B. M. Kestenbaum
133 September 1992 Average Wages for 1985-1990 for Indexing Under the Social Security Act   (PDF) M. D. Clingman and J. L. Kunkel
132 June 1990 A Simple Evaluation of Projections in OASDI Trustees Reports F. R. Bayo