Social Security Benefit Calculator User's Guide

User's guide

The user's guide for the calculator is now simply the help files that come with the calculator. The help files are in HTML format. For the Windows version, the help files are compiled into Windows HTML Help format. For the Mac OS version, the help files are available as separate HTML files.

There is no separate printed user's guide. However, if you would like a printed version of the help files, you can download a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document that contains the help files reformatted into a printable document. To download, click on one of the following entries:

Type of file

Documentation file

Microsoft Word

anypia32.doc (90,498 bytes)

Adobe PDF

anypia32.pdf (380,709 bytes)

Questions or comments

If you have questions or comments about the Detailed Calculator, please visit our Contact Social Security page for ways to contact us. Remember to use "Detailed Calculator" as the subject so we know which calculator your question or comment refers to.