§ 401.95. Fees.

(a) Policy. Where applicable, we will charge fees for copying records in accordance with the schedule set forth in this section. We may only charge fees where you request that a copy be made of the record to which you are granted access. We will not charge a fee for searching a system of records, whether the search is manual, mechanical, or electronic. Where we must copy the record in order to provide access to the record (e.g., computer printout where no screen reading is available), we will provide the copy to you without cost. Where we make a medical record available to a representative designated by you or to a physician or health professional designated by a parent or guardian under § 401.55 of this part, we will not charge a fee.

(b) Fee schedule. Our Privacy Act fee schedule is as follows:

(1) Copying of records susceptible to photocopying—$.10 per page.

(2) Copying records not susceptible to photocopying (e.g., punch cards or magnetic tapes)—at actual cost to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

(3) We will not charge if the total amount of copying does not exceed $25.

(c) Other fees. We also follow §§ 402.155 through 402.165 of this chapter to determine the amount of fees, if any, we will charge for providing information under the FOIA and Privacy Act.