Subpart C—Disclosure of Official Records and Information

§ 401.100. Disclosure of records with the written consent of the subject of the record.

(a) General. Except as permitted by the Privacy Act and the regulations in this part, or when required by the FOIA, we will not disclose your records without your written consent.

(b) Disclosure with written consent. The written consent must clearly specify to whom the information may be disclosed, the information you want us to disclose (e.g., social security number, date and place of birth, monthly Social Security benefit amount, date of entitlement), and, where applicable, during which timeframe the information may be disclosed (e.g., during the school year, while the subject individual is out of the country, whenever the subject individual is receiving specific services).

(c) Disclosure of the entire record. We will not disclose your entire record. For example, we will not honor a blanket consent for all information in a system of records or any other record consisting of a variety of data elements. We will disclose only the information you specify in the consent. We will verify your identity and where applicable (e.g., where you consent to disclosure of a record to a specific individual), the identity of the individual to whom the record is to be disclosed.

(d) A parent or guardian of a minor is not authorized to give written consent to a disclosure of a minor's medical record. See § 401.55(c)(2) for the procedures for disclosure of or access to medical records of minors.

[72 FR 20940, Apr. 27, 2007]