§ 401.115. Disclosure of personal information in program records without the consent of the subject of the record.

This section describes how various laws control the disclosure of personal information that we keep. We disclose information in the program records only when a legitimate need exists. For example, we disclose information to officers and employees of SSA who have a need for the record in the performance of their duties. We also must consider the laws identified below in the respective order when we disclose program information:

(a) Some laws require us to disclose information (§ 401.120); some laws require us to withhold information (§ 401.125). These laws control whenever they apply.

(b) If no law of this type applies in a given case, then we must look to FOIA principles. See § 401.130.

(c) When FOIA principles do not require disclosure, we may disclose information if both the Privacy Act and section 1106 of the Social Security Act permit the disclosure.

[62 FR 4143, Jan. 29, 1997, as amended at 72 FR 20940, Apr. 27, 2007]