Recalculations of Primary Insurance Amounts

§ 404.290. Recalculations.

(a) Your primary insurance amount may be “recalculated” in certain instances. When we recalculate your primary amount, we refigure it under the same method we used in the first computation by taking into account—

(1) Earnings (including compensation for railroad service) incorrectly included or excluded in the first computation;

(2) Special deemed earnings credits including credits for military service (see subpart N of this part) and for individuals interned during World War II (see subpart K of this part), not available at the time of the first computation;

(3) Correction of clerical or mathematical errors; or

(4) Other miscellaneous changes in status.

(b) Unlike recomputations, which may only serve to increase your primary insurance amount, recalculations may serve to either increase or reduce it.