Appendixes to Subpart C of Part 404—Note

The following appendices contain data that are needed in computing primary insurance amounts. Appendix I contains average of the total wages figures, which we use to index a worker's earnings for purposes of computing his or her average indexed monthly earnings. Appendix II contains benefit formulas which we apply to a worker's average indexed monthly earnings to find his or her primary insurance amount. Appendix III contains the benefit table we use to find a worker's primary insurance amount from his or her average monthly wage. We use the figures in appendix IV to find your years of coverage for years after 1950 for purposes of your special minimum primary insurance amount. Appendix V contains the table for computing the special minimum primary insurance amount. Appendix VI is a table of the percentage increases in primary insurance amounts since 1978. Appendix VII is a table of the old-law contribution and benefit base that would have been effective under the Social Security Act without enactment of the 1977 amendments.

The figures in the appendices are by law automatically adjusted each year. We are required to announce the changes through timely publication in the Federal Register. The only exception to the requirement of publication in the Federal Register is the update of benefit amounts shown in appendix III. We update the benefit amounts for payment purposes but are not required by law to publish this extensive table in the Federal Register. We have not updated the table in appendix III, but the introductory paragraphs at appendix III explain how you can compute the current benefit amount.

When we publish the figures in the Federal Register, we do not change every one of these figures. Instead, we provide new ones for each year that passes. We continue to use the old ones for various computation purposes, as the regulations show. Most of the new figures for these appendices are required by law to be published by November 1 of each year. Notice of automatic cost-of-living increases in primary insurance amounts is required to be published within 45 days of the end of the applicable measuring period for the increase (see §§ 404.274 and 404.276). In effect, publication is required within 45 days of the end of the third calendar quarter of any year in which there is to be an automatic cost-of-living increase.

We begin to use the new data in computing primary insurance amounts as soon as required by law, even before we periodically update these appendices. If the data you need to find your primary insurance amount have not yet been included in the appendices, you may find the figures in the Federal Register on or about November 1.

[52 FR 8247, Mar. 17, 1987]