§ 404.1021. Work for the District of Columbia.

If you work as an employee of the District of Columbia or a wholly owned instrumentality of the District of Columbia, your work is covered as employment unless—

(a) Your work is covered by a retirement system established by a law of the United States; or

(b) You are—

(1) A patient or inmate of a hospital or penal institution and your work is for that hospital or institution;

(2) A student employee (a student nurse, dietitian, or physical or occupational therapist, but not a medical or dental intern or resident in training) of a District of Columbia hospital, clinic, or medical or dental laboratory;

(3) An employee serving temporarily in case of fire, storm, snow, earthquake, flood, or other similar emergency; or

(4) A member of a board, committee, or council of the District of Columbia paid on a per diem, meeting, or other fee basis.

(c) Medicare qualified government employment. If your work is not covered under Social Security, it may be covered as Medicare qualified government employment (see § 404.1018b(c) of this subpart).

[45 FR 20075, Mar. 27, 1980, as amended at 57 FR 59914, Dec. 17, 1992]