Amounts of Wage Credits and Limits on Their Use

§ 404.1340. Wage credits for World War II and post-World War II veterans.

In determining your entitlement to, and the amount of, your monthly benefit or lump-sum death payment based on your active service during the World War II period or the post-World War II period, and for establishing a period of disability as discussed in §§ 404.132 and 404.133, we add the (deemed) amount of $160 for each month during a part of which you were in the active service as described in § 404.1312 or § 404.1322. For example, if you were in active service from October 11, 1942, through August 10, 1943, we add the (deemed) amount of $160 for October 1942 and August 1943 as well as November 1942 through July 1943. The amount of wage credits that are added in a calendar year cannot cause the total amount credited to your earnings record to exceed the annual earnings limitation explained in §§ 404.1047 and 404.1096(b).