§ 411.355. What payment options does a State VR agency have?

(a) The Ticket to Work program provides different payment options that are available to a State VR agency for providing services to disabled beneficiaries who have a ticket. A State VR agency participates in the program in one of two ways when providing services to a particular disabled beneficiary under the program. On a case-by-case basis, the State VR agency may participate either—

(1) As an employment network (EN); or

(2) Under the cost reimbursement payment system (see subpart V of part 404 and subpart V of part 416 of this chapter).

(b) When the State VR agency serves a beneficiary with a ticket as an EN, the State VR agency will use the EN payment system it has elected for this purpose, either the outcome payment system or the outcome-milestone payment system (described in subpart H of this part). The State VR agency will have periodic opportunities to change the payment system it uses when serving as an EN.

(c) The State VR agency may seek payment only under its elected EN payment system whenever it serves as an EN. When serving a beneficiary who does not have a ticket that can be assigned pursuant to § 411.140, the State VR agency may seek payment only under the cost reimbursement payment system.

[66 FR 67420, Dec. 28, 2001, as amended at 73 FR 29345, May 20, 2008]