Subpart I—Ticket to Work Program Dispute Resolution

Disputes Between Beneficiaries and Employment Networks

§ 411.600. Is there a process for resolving disputes between beneficiaries and ENs that are not State VR agencies?

Yes. After an IWP is signed, a process is available which will assure each party a full, fair and timely review of a disputed matter. This process has three steps.

(a) The beneficiary can seek a solution through the EN's internal grievance procedures.

(b) If the EN's internal grievance procedures do not result in an agreeable solution, either the beneficiary or the EN may seek a resolution from the PM. (See § 411.115(k) for a definition of the PM.)

(c) If either the beneficiary or the EN is dissatisfied with the resolution proposed by the PM, either party may request a decision from us.