§ 416.310. What makes an application a claim for benefits.

An application will be considered a claim for benefits, if the following requirements are met:

(a) An application form prescribed by us must be filled out.

(b) be filed at a social security office, at another Federal or State office we have designated to receive applications for us, or with a person we have authorized to receive applications for us. See § 416.325.

(c) The claimant or someone who may sign an application for the claimant must sign the application. See §§ 416.315 and 416.320.

(d) The claimant must be alive at the time the application is filed. See §§ 416.340, 416.345, and 416.351 for exceptions.

[45 FR 48120, July 18, 1980, as amended at 59 FR 44926, Aug. 31, 1994]