§ 416.989. We may conduct a review to find out whether you continue to be disabled.

After we find that you are disabled, we must evaluate your impairment(s) from time to time to determine if you are still eligible for payments based on disability. We call this evaluation a continuing disability review. We may begin a continuing disability review for any number of reasons including your failure to follow the provisions of the Social Security Act or these regulations. When we begin such a review, we will notify you that we are reviewing your eligibility for payments, why we are reviewing your eligibility, that in medical reviews the medical improvement review standard will apply, that our review could result in the termination of your payments, and that you have the right to submit medical and other evidence for our consideration during the continuing disability review. In doing a medical review, we will develop a complete medical history of at least the preceding 12 months in any case in which a determination is made that you are no longer under a disability. If this review shows that we should stop your payments, we will notify you in writing and give you an opportunity to appeal. In § 416.990 we describe those events that may prompt us to review whether you continue to be disabled.

[51 FR 16826, May 7, 1986]