§ 416.1143. If you live in a noninstitutional care situation.

(a) Definitions. For purposes of this subpart you live in a noninstitutional care situation if all the following conditions exist:

(1) You are placed by a public or private agency under a specific program such as foster or family care;

(2) The placing agency is responsible for your care;

(3) You are in a private household (not an institution) which is licensed or approved by the placing agency to provide care; and

(4) You, a public agency, or someone else pays for your care.

(b) How the presumed value rule applies. You are not receiving in-kind support and maintenance and the presumed value rule does not apply if you pay the rate the placing agency establishes. We consider this established rate to be the current market value for the in-kind support and maintenance you are receiving. The presumed value rule applies if you pay less than the established rate and the difference is paid by someone else other than a public or private agency providing social services described in § 416.1103(b) or assistance based on need described in § 416.1124(c)(2).