§ 416.1142. If you live in a public assistance household.

(a) Definition. A public assistance household is one in which every member receives some kind of public income-maintenance payments. These are payments made under—

(1) Title IV-A of the Social Security Act (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families);

(2) Title XVI of the Social Security Act (SSI, including federally administered State supplements and State administered mandatory supplements);

(3) The Refugee Act of 1980 (Those payments based on need);

(4) The Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act;

(5) General assistance programs of the Bureau of Indian Affairs;

(6) State or local government assistance programs based on need (tax credits or refunds are not assistance based on need); and

(7) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs programs (those payments based on need).

(b) How the presumed value rule applies. If you live in a public assistance household, we consider that you are not receiving in-kind support and maintenance from members of the household. In this situation, we use the presumed value rule only if you receive food or shelter from someone outside the household.

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