Alternative Income Counting Rules for Certain Blind Individuals

§ 416.1170. General.

(a) What the alternative is. If you are blind and meet the requirements in § 416.1171, we use one of two rules to see how much countable income you have. We use whichever of the following rules results in the lower amount of countable income:

(1) The SSI income exclusions in §§ 416.1112 and 416.1124; or

(2) The disregards that would have applied under the State plan for October 1972.

(b) State plan. As used in this subpart, State plan for October 1972 means a State plan for providing assistance to the blind under title X or XVI (AABD) of the Social Security Act. That plan must have been approved under the provisions of 45 CFR chapter II as in effect for October 1972.