§ 416.1171. When the alternative rules apply.

(a) Eligibility for the alternative. We use the alternative income counting rules for you if you meet all the following conditions:

(1) You were eligible for, and received, assistance for December 1973 under a State plan for October 1972;

(2) You have continued to live in that same State since December 1973;

(3) You were transferred to the SSI rolls and received a benefit for January 1974; and

(4) You have not been ineligible for an SSI benefit for any period of more than 6 consecutive months. (For purposes of this section, an SSI benefit means a Federal benefit; it does not include any State supplementation.)

(b) Living in the same State. For purposes of this section, you have continued to live in the same State since December 1973 unless you have left it at any time with the intention of moving to another State. If there is no evidence to the contrary, we assume that—

(1) If you leave the State for 90 calendar days or less, the absence is temporary and you still live in that State; and

(2) If you leave the State for more than 90 calendar days, you are no longer living there.