§ 416.1325. Suspension due to status as a resident of a public institution.

(a) Except as provided in § 416.211 (b) and (c), a recipient is ineligible for benefits for the first full calendar month in which he or she is a resident of a public institution (as defined in § 416.201) throughout the calendar month (as defined in § 416.211(a)), and payments are suspended effective with such first full month. Such ineligibility continues for so long as such individual remains a resident of a public institution.

(b) Resumption of payments. If benefits are otherwise payable, they will be resumed effective with the earliest day of the month in which a recipient is no longer a resident of a public institution. See § 416.421. A transfer from one public institution to another or a temporary absence from the institution lasting 14 days or less, however, will not change his or her status as a resident, and the suspension will continue.

[51 FR 13494, Apr. 21, 1986]