§ 416.1326. Suspension for failure to comply with treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism.

(a) Basis for suspension. If you are disabled and drug addiction or alcoholism is a contributing factor material to the determination of disability as described in § 416.935, we will refer you to appropriate treatment as defined in § 416.937. You will not be an eligible individual and we will suspend your benefits if you do not comply with the terms, conditions and requirements of treatment prescribed by the institution or facility. (See § 416.940 which explains how we evaluate compliance with treatment.)

(b) Date of suspension. We will suspend your benefits for a period starting with the first month after we notify you in writing that you failed to comply with prescribed treatment.

(c) Resumption of benefits. If you are complying with prescribed treatment and are otherwise eligible for benefits, we will resume benefits effective with the first day of the month after you demonstrate and maintain compliance with appropriate treatment for these periods—

(1) 2 consecutive months for the first determination of noncompliance;

(2) 3 consecutive months for the second determination of noncompliance; and

(3) 6 consecutive months for the third and all subsequent determinations of noncompliance.

[60 FR 8152, Feb. 10, 1995]