§ 416.1456. Removal of a hearing request(s) to the Appeals Council.

(a) Removal. The Appeals Council may assume responsibility for a hearing request(s) pending at the hearing level of the administrative review process.

(b) Notice. We will mail a notice to all parties at their last known address telling them that the Appeals Council has assumed responsibility for the case(s).

(c) Procedures applied. If the Appeals Council assumes responsibility for a hearing request(s), it shall conduct all proceedings in accordance with the rules set forth in §§ 416.1429 through 416.1461, as applicable.

(d) Appeals Council review. If the Appeals Council assumes responsibility for your hearing request under this section and you or any other party is dissatisfied with the hearing decision or with the dismissal of a hearing request, you may request that the Appeals Council review that action following the procedures in §§ 416.1467 through 416.1482. The Appeals Council may also decide on its own motion to review the action that was taken in your case under § 416.1469. The administrative appeals judge who conducted a hearing, issued a hearing decision in your case, or dismissed your hearing request will not participate in any action associated with your request for Appeals Council review of that case.

(e) Ancillary provisions. For the purposes of the procedures authorized by this section, the regulations of part 416 shall apply to authorize a member of the Appeals Council to exercise the functions performed by an administrative law judge under subpart N of part 416.

[85 FR 73159, Nov. 16, 2020]