§ 416.2070. Mandatory supplementation: State compliance not applicable.

The requirement that a State must have in effect an agreement with the Commissioner whereby such State shall provide individual aged, blind, and disabled recipients residing in the State mandatory minimum supplementary payments beginning in January 1974 shall not be applicable in the case of any State where:

(a) State constitution. The State constitution limits expenditures that may be paid as public assistance to, or on behalf of, any needy person to an amount that does not exceed the amount of State public assistance payments that are matched by Federal funds under title I, IV, X, XIV, XVI or XIX of the Social Security Act making it impossible for such State to enter into and commence carrying out (on January 1, 1974) such agreement with the Commissioner, and

(b) Attorney General decision. The Attorney General (or other appropriate State official) has, prior to July 1, 1973, made a finding that the State constitution of such State contains limitations which prevent such State from making supplementary payments of the type described in section 1616 of the Act.

[40 FR 7640, Feb. 21, 1975, as amended at 62 FR 38455, July 18, 1997]