§ 416.2202. Purpose and scope.

This subpart describes the rules under which the Commissioner will pay the State VR agencies for VR services. Payment will be provided for VR services provided on behalf of disabled or blind individuals under one or more of the provisions discussed in § 416.2201.

(a) Sections 416.2201 through 416.2203 describe the purpose of these regulations and the meaning of terms we frequently use in them.

(b) Section 416.2204 explains how State VR agencies may participate in the payment program under this subpart.

(c) [Reserved]

(d) Sections 416.2208 through 416.2209 describe the requirements and conditions under which we will pay a State VR agency under this subpart.

(e) Sections 416.2210 through 416.2211 describe when an individual has completed a continuous period of SGA and when VR services will be considered to have contributed to that period.

(f) Section 416.2212 describes when payment will be made to a VR agency because an individual's disability or blindness benefits are continued based on his or her participation in a VR program which we have determined will increase the likelihood that he or she will not return to the disability rolls.

(g) Sections 416.2214 through 416.2215 describe services for which payment will be made.

(h) Section 416.2216 describes the filing deadlines for claims for payment for VR services.

(i) Section 416.2217 describes the payment conditions.

(j) [Reserved]

(k) Section 416.2219 describes how we will make payment to State VR agencies for rehabilitation services.

(l) Sections 416.2220 and 416.2221 describe the audits and the prepayment and postpayment validation reviews we will conduct.

(m) Section 416.2222 discusses confidentiality of information and records.

(n) Section 416.2223 provides for the applicability of other Federal laws and regulations.

(o) Section 416.2227 provides for the resolution of disputes.

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