§ 418.3425. What resources do we exclude from counting?

In determining your resources (and the resources of your spouse, if any) the following items shall be excluded:

(a) Your home. For purposes of this exclusion, a home is any property in which you (and your spouse, if any) have an ownership interest and which serves as your principal place of residence. This property includes the shelter in which an individual resides, the land on which the shelter is located, and outbuildings;

(b) Non-liquid resources, other than nonhome real property. Non-liquid resources are resources that are not liquid resources as defined in § 418.3405. Irrevocable burial trusts and the irrevocable portion of prepaid burial contracts are considered non-liquid resources;

(c) Property of a trade or business which is essential to the means of self-support as provided in § 416.1222 of this chapter;

(d) Nonbusiness property which is essential to the means of self-support as provided in § 416.1224 of this chapter;

(e) Stock in regional or village corporations held by natives of Alaska during the twenty-year period in which the stock is inalienable pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (see § 416.1228 of this chapter);

(f) For claims filed on or after January 1, 2010, and redeterminations that are effective on or after January 1, 2010, life insurance owned by an individual (and spouse, if any);

(g) Restricted allotted Indian lands as provided in § 416.1234 of this chapter;

(h) Payments or benefits provided under a Federal statute where exclusion is required by such statute;

(i) Disaster relief assistance as provided in § 416.1237 of this chapter;

(j) Funds up to $1,500 for the individual and $1,500 for the spouse who lives with the individual if these funds are expected to be used for burial expenses of the individual and spouse;

(k) Burial spaces, as provided in § 416.1231(a) of this chapter;

(l) Title XVI or title II retroactive payments as provided in § 416.1233 of this chapter;

(m) Housing assistance as provided in § 416.1238 of this chapter;

(n) Refunds of Federal income taxes and advances made by an employer relating to an earned income tax credit, as provided in § 416.1235 of this chapter;

(o) Payments received as compensation incurred or losses suffered as a result of a crime, as provided in § 416.1229 of this chapter;

(p) Relocation assistance from a State or local government, as provided in § 416.1239 of this chapter;

(q) Dedicated financial institution accounts as provided in § 416.1247 of this chapter;

(r) A gift to, or for the benefit of, an individual who has not attained 18 years of age and who has a life-threatening condition, from an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 which is exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of such Code. The resource exclusion applies to any in-kind gift that is not converted to cash, or to a cash gift that does not exceed $2,000; and

(s) Funds received and conserved to pay for medical and/or social services as provided in § 416.1103 of this chapter.

[70 FR 77675, Dec. 30, 2005, as amended at 75 FR 81846, Dec. 29, 2010]