§ 422.405. What notice will we send you about administrative wage garnishment?

(a) General. Before we order your employer to collect a debt by deduction from your disposable pay, we will send you written notice of our intention to do so.

(b) Contents of the notice. The notice will contain the following information:

(1) We have determined that payment of the debt is past due;

(2) The nature and amount of the debt;

(3) Information about the amount that your employer could withhold from your disposable pay each payday (the payment schedule);

(4) No sooner than 60 calendar days after the date of the notice, we will order your employer to withhold the debt from your disposable pay unless, within that 60-day period, you pay the full amount of the debt or take either of the actions described in paragraphs (b)(6) or (7) of this section;

(5) You may inspect and copy our records about the debt (see § 422.420);

(6) You may request a review of the debt (see § 422.425) or the payment schedule stated in the notice (see § 422.415); and

(7) You may request to pay the debt by monthly installment payments to us.

(c) Mailing address. We will send the notice to the most current mailing address that we have for you in our records.

(d) Electronic record of the notice. We will keep an electronic record of the notice that shows the date we mailed the notice to you and the amount of your debt.