Table of Contents

Subpart A—Organization and Functions of the Social Security Administration

422.1Organization and functions.
422.5District offices and branch offices.

Subpart B—General Procedures

422.101Material included in this subpart.
422.103Social security numbers.
422.104Who can be assigned a social security number.
422.105Presumption of authority of nonimmigrant alien to engage in employment.
422.106Filing applications with other government agencies.
422.107Evidence requirements.
422.108Criminal penalties.
422.110Individual's request for change in record.
422.112Employer identification numbers.
422.114Annual wage reporting process.
422.120Earnings reported without a social security number or with an incorrect employee name or social security number.
422.122Information on deferred vested pension benefits.
422.125Statements of earnings; resolving earnings discrepancies.
422.130Claim procedure.
422.135Reports by beneficiaries.
422.140Reconsideration of initial determination.

Subpart C—Hearings, Appeals Council Review, and Judicial Review Procedures

422.201Material included in this subpart.
422.205Review by Appeals Council.
422.210Judicial review.

Subpart D—Claims Collection

422.301Scope of this subpart.
422.303Interest, late payment penalties, and administrative costs of collection.
422.305Report of overdue program overpayment debts to consumer reporting agencies.
422.306Report of overdue administrative debts to credit reporting agencies.
422.310Collection of overdue debts by administrative offset.
422.315Review of our records related to the debt.
422.317Review of the debt.

Subpart E—Collection of Debts by Administrative Wage Garnishment

422.401What is the scope of this subpart?
422.402What special definitions apply to this subpart?
422.403When may we use administrative wage garnishment?
422.405What notice will we send you about administrative wage garnishment?
422.410What actions will we take after we send you the notice?
422.415Will we reduce the amount that your employer must withhold from your pay when withholding that amount causes financial hardship?
422.420May you inspect and copy our records related to the debt?
422.425How will we conduct our review of the debt?
422.430When will we refund amounts of your pay withheld by administrative wage garnishment?
422.435What happens when we decide to send an administrative wage garnishment order to your employer?
422.440What are your employer's responsibilities under an administrative wage garnishment order?
422.445May we bring a civil action against your employer for failure to comply with our administrative wage garnishment order?

Subpart F—Applications and Related Forms

422.501Applications and other forms used in Social Security Administration programs.
422.505What types of applications and related forms are used to apply for retirement, survivors, and disability insurance benefits?
422.510 Applications and related forms used in the health insurance for the aged program.
422.512Applications and related forms used in the black lung benefits program.
422.515Forms used for withdrawal, reconsideration and other appeals, and appointment of representative.
422.520Forms related to maintenance of earnings records.
422.525Where applications and other forms are available.
422.527Private printing and modification of prescribed applications, forms, and other publications.

Subpart G—Administrative Review Process Under the Coal Industry Retiree Health Benefit Act of 1992

422.601Scope and purpose.
422.602Terms used in this subpart.
422.603Overview of the review process.
422.604Request for detailed information.
422.605Request for review.
422.606Processing the request for review.
422.607Limited reopening of assignments.

Subpart H—Use of SSA Telephone Lines

422.701Scope and purpose.
422.705When SSA employees may listen-in to or record telephone conversations.
422.710Procedures SSA will follow.

Subpart I—Administrative Claims Collection

422.801Scope of this subpart.
422.803Collection activities.
422.805Demand for payment.
422.807Interest, penalties, and administrative costs.
422.809Collection in installments.
422.810Salary offset for current employees.
422.811Discretionary referral for cross-servicing.
422.813Mandatory referral for cross-servicing.
422.815Referral of administrative debts to the Department of the Treasury.
422.817Required certification.
422.821Administrative offset.
422.822Notification of intent to collect by administrative offset.
422.823Debtor rights to review or copy records, submit repayment proposals, or request administrative review.
422.824Non-centralized administrative offset.
422.825Centralized administrative offset.
422.827Offset against tax refunds.
422.829Federal salary offset.
422.833Administrative wage garnishment for administrative debts.
422.835Debt reporting and use of credit reporting agencies.
422.837Contracting with private collection contractors and with entities that locate and recover unclaimed assets.
422.839Offset against amounts payable from civil service retirement and disability fund and the Federal employees' retirement system.
422.842Liquidation of collateral.
422.846Bases for compromise.
422.848Suspension and termination of collection activities.
422.850Referrals to the Department of Justice.

Subpart J—Protecting the Public and Our Personnel To Ensure Operational Effectiveness

422.901Scope and purpose.
422.902Definition of personnel for purposes of this subpart.
422.903Prohibited conduct.
422.904Notice of the ban.
422.905Appeal rights.
422.906Periodic request for review of ban decision.
422.907Posting requirement.

Source: 32 FR 13653, Sept. 29, 1967, unless otherwise noted.