§ 422.813. Mandatory referral for cross-servicing.

(a) Pursuant to the cross-servicing process, creditor agencies must transfer any eligible debt more than 120 calendar days delinquent to the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) for debt collection services. As one such agency, pursuant to 31 CFR 285.12, we are required to transfer to Treasury any legally enforceable nontax debt in excess of $25. We may transfer to Treasury any combination of legally enforceable nontax debts less than $25 that exceeds $25 (in the case of a debtor whose taxpayer identification number (TIN) is unknown, the applicable threshold is $100) that has or have been delinquent for a period of 120 calendar days. Treasury will take appropriate action on behalf of the creditor agency to collect, compromise, suspend, or terminate collection of the debt, including use of debt collection centers and private collection contractors to collect the debt or terminate collection action.

(b) Debts not eligible for mandatory referral of paragraph (a) of this section include:

(1) Debts owed by a Federal agency;

(2) Debts owed by a deceased debtor;

(3) Debts not legally enforceable: A debt is considered legally enforceable for purposes of referral to the Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service if there has been a final agency determination that the debt is due and there are no legal bars to collection;

(4) Debts that are the subject of an administrative appeal until the appeal is concluded and the amount of the debt is fixed;

(5) Debts owed by a debtor who has filed for bankruptcy protection or the debt has been discharged in bankruptcy proceeding; or

(6) Debts that are less than $25 (including interest, penalties, and administrative costs).

(c) A debt is considered delinquent for purposes of this section if it is 120 calendar days past due and is legally enforceable. A debt is past due if it has not been paid by the date specified in the agency's initial written demand for payment or applicable agreement or instrument (including a post-delinquency payment agreement) unless other satisfactory payment arrangements have been made. A debt is legally enforceable if there has been a final agency determination that the debt, in the amount stated, is due and there are no legal bars to collection action. Where, for example, a debt is the subject of a pending administrative review process required by statute or regulation and collection action during the review process is prohibited, the debt is not considered legally enforceable for purposes of mandatory transfer to the Treasury and is not to be transferred even if the debt is more than 120 calendar days past due. When a final agency determination is made after an administrative appeal or review process, the creditor agency must transfer such debt to Treasury, if more than 120 calendar days delinquent, within 30 days after the date of the final decision.

(d) We may also refer debts owed by a foreign country upon consultation with our Office of the General Counsel.