§ 422.822. Notification of intent to collect by administrative offset.

(a) Prior to initiation of collection by Administrative Offset, we will:

(1) Send the debtor a notice by mail or hand-delivery. The notice will include the type and amount of the debt, the intention of the agency using internal offset or non-centralized Administrative Offset to collect the debt 30 days after the date of the notice, and the name of the Federal agency from which the creditor agency wishes to collect in the case of a non-centralized Administrative Offset. Additionally, if the debt is not satisfied by offset within the Social Security Administration or by agreement with another Federal agency, the notice will include the intent to refer the debt to the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) for collection through centralized Administrative Offset, including offset of tax refunds 60 days after the date of the notice as well as an explanation of the debtor's rights under 31 U.S.C. 3716.

(2) Give the debtor the opportunity:

(i) To make a voluntary payment;

(ii) To review and copy agency records related to the debt;

(iii) For a review within the agency of the determination of indebtedness;

(iv) To make a written agreement to repay the debt.

(b) The procedures set forth in paragraph (a) of this section are not required when:

(1) The offset is in the nature of a recoupment;

(2) The debt arises under a contract subject to the Contracts Disputes Act or Federal Acquisition Regulations;

(3) In the case of a non-centralized Administrative Offset (see § 422.824), the agency first learns of the existence of the amount owed by the debtor when there is insufficient time before payment would be made to the debtor/payee to allow for prior notice and an opportunity for review. When prior notice and an opportunity for review are omitted, we will give the debtor such notice and an opportunity for review as soon as practicable and will promptly refund any money ultimately found not to have been owed to the agency; or

(4) The agency previously has given a debtor any of the notice and review opportunities required under this part, with respect to a particular debt. Subsequently, any interest accrued or any installments coming due after we initiate an offset would not require a new notice and opportunity to review.

(c) The notice will be included as part of a demand letter issued under § 422.805 to advise the debtor of all debt collection possibilities that the agency will seek to employ.