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Chapter I-1-10. Subsequent Applications

Table of Contents

I-1-10-1Subsequent Applications and Social Security Ruling 11-1p
I-1-10-5Hearing Office Procedures When a Prior Application Is Pending at the Appeals Council (AC)
I-1-10-10Hearing Office Procedures When Processing a Subsequent Application After Appeals Council (AC) Action on Prior Application
I-1-10-15Appeals Council (AC)- Procedures to Identify Subsequent Applications When a Request for Review Is Pending
I-1-10-20When the Appeals Council Will Consider Evidence in a Subsequent Application File
I-1-10-25Appeals Council Actions When Subsequent Application is Pending or Denied
I-1-10-30Appeals Council (AC) Actions When There Is an Allowance on the Subsequent Application
I-1-10-35Appeals Council (AC) Processing of a Request for Review of Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Dismissal With Associated Subsequent Application(s)
I-1-10-40Appeals Council (AC) Procedures to Notify Other Components of Action
I-1-10-45Hearing Level Decisions When a Prior Application is Pending in or Remanded From Federal Court
I-1-10-47Appeals Council - Addressing a Subsequent Claim(s) when Processing a Pending Court Case or Court Remand
I-1-10-50Appeals Council - Processing a Court-Initiated Remand with a Subsequent Claim(s)
I-1-10-55Appeals Council - Processing a Voluntary Remand with a Subsequent Claim(s)
I-1-10-60Appeals Council - Processing Written Exceptions to Administrative Law Judge Final Decision Following Court Remand with a Subsequent Claim(s)