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Table of Contents

Division 1. General Subjects
Chapter I-1-0 Introduction to HALLEX
Chapter I-1-1 Representation of Claimants
Chapter I-1-2 Representative Fees
Chapter I-1-3 Fraud, Similar Fault, Criminal Violations, and Referrals from OIG
Chapter I-1-4 Information Disclosure
Chapter I-1-5 Litigation-Related Inquiries
Chapter I-1-6 Congressional Inquiries
Chapter I-1-7 Class Actions
Chapter I-1-8 Division of Quality Service
Chapter I-1-10 Subsequent Applications
Division 2. Administrative Law Judge Hearings
Chapter I-2-0 Initial Processing of a Request for Hearing
Chapter I-2-1 Prehearing Analysis and Case Workup
Chapter I-2-2 Issues Before the Administrative Law Judge
Chapter I-2-3 Scheduling and Notice of Hearing
Chapter I-2-4 Dismissals
Chapter I-2-5 Obtaining Evidence
Chapter I-2-6 Conduct of Hearings
Chapter I-2-7 Posthearing Actions
Chapter I-2-8 Administrative Law Judge Decisions
Chapter I-2-9 Reopening and Revision
Chapter I-2-10 Fraud, Similar Fault, and Administrative Sanctions
Division 3. Appeals Council Review
Chapter I-3-0 Office of Appellate Operations and Appeals Council Functions
Chapter I-3-1 Initial Processing of a Request for Review
Chapter I-3-2 General Workup and Analysis Procedures
Chapter I-3-3 Appeals Council Jurisdiction
Chapter I-3-4 Appeals Council Dismissals
Chapter I-3-5 Denial of Request for Review
Chapter I-3-6 Grant Review and Own Motion
Chapter I-3-7 Appeals Council Remands
Chapter I-3-8 Appeals Council Decisions
Chapter I-3-9 Post-Adjudicative Actions
Chapter I-3-10 Fraud, Similar Fault, and Administrative Sanctions
Division 4. Civil Actions
Chapter I-4-0 Office of Appellate Operations Division of Civil Actions — Functions and Responsibilities
Chapter I-4-1 New Court Cases
Chapter I-4-2 Supplemental Review
Chapter I-4-3 Court Remands
Chapter I-4-5 Requests for Voluntary Remand
Chapter I-4-6 Court Remands
Chapter I-4-7 Other Actions
Chapter I-4-8 ALJ Decision After Court Remand (FINDEC)
Chapter I-4-9 Motions and Non-Adjudicative Requests
Division 5. Temporary Instructions
Chapter I-5-0 Introduction to the Temporary Instructions
Chapter I-5-1 General Subjects
Chapter I-5-3 Disability Matters
Chapter I-5-4 Court Cases
Chapter I-5-6 Redeterminations
Volume II