I-1-7-16.Case Coding

Last Update: 9/14/05 (Transmittal I-1-56)

A. General

The TI implementing a specific class action will provide necessary coding instructions. However, the following instructions, if not inconsistent with the TI, generally apply. In addition, to identify class cases in the Case Processing and Management System (CPMS), HO personnel will enter a two-letter code in the “Class Action” field; for example, the hypothetical Brown class action might be coded as “BR.”

B. OHA-jurisdiction Cases (Direct Cases)

For cases that come directly to OHA for readjudication (whether for a redetermination or a reopening), HO personnel will code them in CPMS and the OHA Case Control System (CCS) as “reopenings.” For pending requests for hearing that are later determined to be OHA-jurisdiction class cases, HO personnel will change the hearing type from a new request for hearing to a “reopening.”

C. DDS-jurisdiction Cases (Indirect Cases)

HO personnel will code “indirect cases,” i.e., those that come to OHA on appeal after readjudication by the DDS, as new requests for hearing, as usual.

D. Consolidated Cases

For cases consolidated at the OHA level, HO personnel will code the claim as a “reopening,” regardless of whether the class claim eligibility is under OHA or DDS jurisdiction.

E. Dismissal Cases

If the ALJ decides to dismiss when considering consolidation of an OHA-jurisdiction class case and a subsequent (current) claim, HO personnel will change the hearing type from a new request for hearing to a “reopening.” Additionally, HO personnel will use dismissal code “OTDI,” to identify the type of dismissal, as one occurring in a class action case.